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Friday, February 21, 2014

K'iche Calendar New Year and Octals

K'iche Calendar New Year and Octals When the new Mayan K'iche calendar cycle starting in Kaj (deer) began this 21st februrary 2014, I decided to publish about the value of the number twenty one not only with a reference to the last cycle ending in 2012 (12-21-2012) but also to the importance of the octal system to the extinct Mayans and the Islamic culture. An octal counting system can be from 0 to 7 or from 1 to 8.

When converting from one system to another, a one figure is added or subracted to the resulting figure.

For reference one can use the table below.



In the Qur'aan a reference to the octal system is found by taking the verse and Surah index of Ayah 4, Surah Al-Maariij and in octals mode converting it to octals removing the colon (:) as-is. Then we convert to decimals (1988).

Then, we add .7619 to the figure - a valid reference to a 7619 day katun. And multiply by 21 to obtain 41760.9999 - comparable to the 41760 equivalent in a zero-based octal system and at the same time approximate to the figure equivalent in an one-based octal system used, Allah knows best, in old times.

Surah Al-Qasas makes a vague reference to the octal system (28:27) but not enough to justify its application to Islamic culture. Please keep on reading to learn more.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

True Floating Point Math-System Discovered In Qur'an through Hebrew and Greek Lexicon

Last week I learned that my ex-employer, Mike Aparicio, became physically discapacitated at around the time of the coming of the ending of the 12th b'aktun when the medialab was making a production video about the Maya culture. This video can only be seen inside the University where I used to work since its for corporate use. I asked about what happened to him around this time and the ex-colleague Christian told me that his pelvic area became irritated around the joint. I called the phone and his relative (don't know whether daughter or wife) answered. I asked how he was and she answered that he was much better than in 2012.

The video on 2012 was very well made. It took the Medialab team around a day and a half to complete. It looked more like a museum exhibit than a documentary much like the popol vuh museum in the neighbouring UFM. I became concerned about this incident mainly because to me my ex-employer was very dear - we got along very well.
I learned about this after the death of my grandfather who died due to a fractured pelvis while in bed, or sort of. I, recently, have had pain on one of my joints around the pelvic area and began wondering how it could not be related to these recent apparently accidental incidents.

My history shows that I could have enemies who wished to take their lack of diplomacy to extract revenge upon persons who are or were very dear to me; the recent incident where my grandfather became damaged in the pelvis area happened exactly on the period of time when the video was made (but in 2013). I have made many articles about the Maya culture seeking to syncretize it with the Islamic and Judaic one. In hebrew the closest word to Maya is Mayim which means water (singular), in arabic the term for water is ma'a(n)*.

One saying goes, "flow like a river" - attributable to Bruce Lee.

I started getting involved in politics when I worked in the University, but my venture into theology was after the loss of both my father and my brother in strange accidents (both were airplane pilots). I can only see coincidence in these events that happened thousands of miles away in different times. My father's integrity was very high - not to say perfect - but since he turned down offers by drug traffickers to smuggle drugs through his company, Servicios Aereos Nacionales, this says a lot about his integrity and my grandfather's. My brother on the other hand was a very athletic and sensitive person who listened attentively to others and was the role model to follow. He left behind two children and a widow wife after his parting whom have since recent years been living freely in our home in Guatemala.

The website where I used to make comments and very few threads in the Islamic section and the linguistic anthropology section of said site was called theologyweb.com. As of last year in october, the site was shut down with no apparent explanation. I realize that it was long coming. When I became muslim, I had no idea about islamic history and its incidence with ancient history such as that recorded in the Popol Vuh. The objective, comparative reading of both books' similar parts the Qur'an and the Pop Wuj (and optionally the gospel of Barnabas translation) reveals that the saying in Surah Al-Mursalat (77:11) can be isolated without context.

It says,

wa idha rusulu uqitat

translation is,

when (or if) the messenger (is) killed
such was the fate of my father, grandfather and brother by either accidental or intentional events that Allah knows best how they happened. Such was the fate of the character Seven Macaw in the Pop Wuj who goes by name wuqub qaqix.
Surah Muhammad has one part that is very similar to the Qur'an and the gospel of John.
Oh you who believe, if you help Allah, He will help you and make your foothold strong. 47:7I am the walkway, and I am the foothold of the people because my eyes are of metal. Popol Vuh

Looking at the gospel of John (translation),
[...] I am the way and the truth and the life no one comes to the father but by me (Douay Rheims) 14:6The word father is an anthropomorphism of God. But since I'm not a christian it's not capitalized.
I've got to admit, there are only two types of syncretism. One where an imposing entity threatens through force either economical or ideological (using sophistry), kun(g)fusion, violence or outright usurpation. The other type of syncretism is through comparative psychology which is what is being proposed. The idea is that it is not so clear why I became interested in Islam in the first place amidst the defamation and poorly-portrayed image that the religion has become - I'm muslim but was christian and when one considers that the Maya culture and religion became polytheistic by the time the Conquistadores arrived, then when one adds one and the other together one realizes that they are conflicting with several pillars of religion of monotheistic faiths.

A long time ago I was interested in reading books about the Holocaust which has become synonymous with a ladder towards understanding pre-world wars' past. The Jews were a persecuted people but the proper name for Jew is Yehudi - similar sounding to two arabic words Ya Huda (meaning O guidance). That's not the guidance of a drone-system but the guidance of real people such as those labeled Palestinians who were Jews living in palestine before the arrival of the modern State of Israel.

When people watch movies nowadays, movies difficult to obtain made in between or before the two World Wars, one can also get a glimpse in the psychology of the people of the time, it is however more difficult to obtain from books unless one has a firm understanding of content analysis. One cannot do this without entering into questioning the intention of the analyzer. For instance, if we stop and think about the thigh problem that appears to be epidemic, such problems could be construed to be nothing compared to the suffering of the Yehudim that lived in Concentration camps in WWII. This suffering far exceeded that of the collective suffering that these people went through the centuries - even though they were just a handful of people compared to that of today's world population.

There was one particular book about the Holocaust that caught my attention since I began rationalizing the causes for such a tremendous rise in human pain and agony during the second World War. Entering into the who and why conspiracy theory is not the point. The point is how piracy could have been the prime catalyzer for such a rise in human pain and agony for the Yehudim during WWII.

In this book, titled "A Man in Search of Meaning" by victor frankl, through my own vicissitude, I questioned the integrity of the author's originality since if a Yehudi or a Goy or my sister or my mother should be caught through any rational or logical evidence available at any time to have copied of another book some paragraph without quoting its source, any student of comparative psychology should be concerned. Any person with any sense of decency or morality for that matter.

This was a book that I read years ago and only until about a year or so, I re-read it because my mother as a christian is a person who favors the Jews. Judeo-Christianity (a new term coined after WWII) is to blame. The rise in scientific progress has neglected scientific fields such as linguistic anthropology and comparative psychology. The technological advance has again widened the gap between theology and science; a gap that was being fringed until the sudden Napoleonic wars and the Industrial Revolutions.

Could this be one of the reasons for the shut-down of the TheologyWeb.com site? Could there be some sort of technocracy that believes that force and cohersion into believe is the way and not diplomatic dialogue and synthesis? The answer to these questions are for self-evaluation.

One could also consider how it could be possible that the author of "A Man in Search of Meaning" (previously titled "A Psychologist in a Concentration Camp") could have been threatened with death and so had to publish his book with sacred information embelished from the literal, strictly oral tradition of the Mayan culture not-found in the Pop Wuj. My opinion, given that it's true most of what the author wrote in the book is that book (what I mean with 'most' is all the book except the syncretized paragraph) is that the whole Second World War was created to hide this secret in the book by the author - among other causes such as to start the Cold War and the "atomic age" both ideas of the Hegg-elians and the -elians.

Some could see a play-on-words with these two terms. Yes, the word Wuqub Qaqix (K'iche) is an onomatopoeia that looses its meaning as it passes through the translation - some meaning is retained such as the archtypical quality of the linguistic artifact - can sketch the epoch and culture that the literary piece was extracted from. For instance, in seven macaw only the word macaw is onomatopoeic while seven reveals some quantitative property of the onomatopoeia. The term Hegg reveals a qualitative property or more than one property given its congnizance with the term Holocaust (-both share an H).

For the people who lived through the Cold Wars the Hidrogen bomb was the most psychologically impacting linguistic and visual device conceivable at the time and even today. However when we look at the sun, modern science shows that there are millions of such atomic reactions occurring every day. Modern science also explains that the sun is currently traveling at a speed of 19.5 kilometers per hour towards a point in the constellation <instert name of constellation here>.
Another factor that could be construed to have yielded a rise in human pain and agony during the second World War, is the fact that many Jews became usurers following the steps of Jewish Bankers. These bankers adopted an economic model that give rise to the industrial prowess of countries such as the United States to the detriment of the common worker who struggled to make a living under poor laboral conditions (environments). Japan and many other industrial countries adopted such an assembly economy giving them an edge in globalization but not, apparently enough an edge, to secure eradication of piracy and black markets dealing in mercenary trades.

The twelve line inscription found in the Man in Search of Meaning (previously titled A Psychologist in a Concentration Camp) may cause some people outrage; others may cause interest in Mayan, Islamic, Yehudi and the greek, but when confronting Banking interests, the field is basically un-surmountable since usually the people in charge of these interests are well-connected, financed and technologically and intellectually supplied to censor and persecute through lawful and unlawful means any trap that they set-up. To surmount these interests that share the blame for the Holocaust among thousands of individuals, no amount of will-power can surpass the disinformation machine that these groups can lay from the get-go.

The main motive for this is that usually informed people are connected through city-centers and these are in turn controlled by people easily controllable by the financial elites. The feather is mightier than the sword? Well, whatever information is leaked is usually taken out of context and not changed (syntactically at most) by the elites. The saying goes, "Inna li-llahi wa Inna ilayhi ragiun".
One of the greatest mercenary market trades is organ trafficking and what we can see also in the letter H common in Heggelian, Hydrogen and History, is the ladder-like shape of that chromosomes form in DNA strings or even a movie film's photomechanical translucency. By this time it's too late, - you believe "I'm not really with you", or "I'm an actor" or "I'm elian", etc.
I am.
Wasn't going to publish this but then again....

Last night I was told I would be going out to a motivational conference. What it turned out to be was a mere religious talk. While I was sitting down and the candles were lit to conmemorate the participants' pact with God, I felt that my thigh (right) became numb so I moved and as soon as I did that the numbness went away. This reminds me, in 2011 I also lost a family member son of one of my uncles (Beto) in a tragic hit and run gun shoot at the Reforma street in zona 10, Guatemala city.

This also happened around the same time that 1) my grandfather became sick and died (November-December 2013), 2) that my ex-employer became sick and was and is unable to attend to work at a regular basis (November 2012) and 3) that I became aware that I also had this strange pain around my thigh area (December 2013).

I feel that I shouldn't be worried. Just wonder how some people are immune to these things as the Qur'an says,
"Those to whom we have decreed, before hand, "the most beautiful", will be far from it."
In context this refers to a living hell. This is what it must have been like to those parents of mine and friends who lost or became sick but they are human after all; some people seem to never become affected with ills or dire circumstances even though they are intellectually culprits of the most heinous crimes against their fellow human beings.

I for one believe that just by writing this I'm already an intelectual saboteur since some people may become at loss by an over-population of content in the net. Who can blame someone for simply out performing others. As the Qur'an says,

Al-Hakumu At-Takaathur,
Hatta Asurtumu l-Makaabir,


Rivalry in worldly competition preocupies you,
Until you see the Graves,
The Qur'aan also says,

And those who have ties of kinship, have more right one to another in the Book of Allah. Certainly Allah is Knower.
Certainly this must have exceptions. In hebrew, for instance the word 'dod' besides from meaning uncle, also means to boil. This is an action typical to when one cooks something or as Dawud (Alayhi Sallam) is described in the Qur'aan, punished those who opposed his authority as king (melej) of Israel.

Nowadays, the heat of the sun is greater than before 2013, could these fateful circumstances be related to my research on the Global Warming phenomenon tied to the end of the B'aktun? In the Qur'an the word Shira appears in Surah An-Najm Ayah 49, but the original Arabic did not have dots on all letters so the translation could also be 'Sira' that in hebrew means or could be construed to mean 'zera' - seed.
As a matter of fact, there are many meanings for seed in all languages. In hebrew it means sowing time - how many people today had they known about the changes in global temperature pre-planned their schedules around winter (=horef).
As a matter of fact, last autumn/winter (2013) I found added significance to the word horef's lexicon ("'strong's") in that the difference between it and the theoretical fragmented Ayaat of Surah Al-Baqara (or Al-Bahri as I like to call it) is 3999 (267|278 - 200 = 67|78 => 6778 - 3999 = 2779) AND also is a shortened, acronymized form of the lunar month.
27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes, 11 seconds
27 | 7 | 4+3+1+1 = 9

~4000 is also a hebrew lexicon index* related to the global flood that occurred at the time of Noah (Alayhi Sallam).

Why is the lunar synoptic month so important to predict global occurrences and what relationship does it have with the explosion that the word 'sira' could be construed to mean?
If anyone feels the piercing heat of noon (=tzohoraym) now a days one could ask, "what happened to all the scientists that could have predicted this increase in temperature?"
In my self-published e-book, I reconstructed history through a timeline that was based on (contingent) Muqatta'at (numeric values) and fragmented Ayah patterns found in the Qur'aan.
Recently I discovered that there was a FLOATING-POINT mechanism hidden in the percentages of the Qur'aan through a theoretical 111 Surah version (no Surahs removed during this process)**.
However to possess a percentage system that is convertable to rational numbers such as those in fractions one need only possess a fraction-based system and limit one's percentages to a few digits.
For example, one can write .33 and know that it is 33 percent of one. But as far as we know, so far, there wasn't any math system that cound describe in a fraction .10345354237 percent or parts of 134, etc.
For that one would need a floating point system and that is what we have just found through the number of recurrences of the root Sad Ba Ra in the Qur'aan whilst at the same time the lexicon of the hebrew word Horef and the displaced Ayah in Surah Al-Kahf (specifically Ayah 103/99***).
What does the recurrences of the roots S. B. R. translate to in terms of displacement and the hebrew lexicon?The number of recurrences of the arabic roots aforementioned is 103 times in the whole Qur'aan in 93 Ayaat. The number of times that the roots appear in the Qur'aan translates to the displacement in Surah Al-Kahf Ayah 99 (from a 105 Ayah Surah) or from Ayah 103 (from a 110 Ayah Surah).
In the hebrew lexicon, when one takes the number of 2779 and divides by 298 (the numeric value of the word As-Saburu (Attribute of Allah (Subhannahu wa Ta`ala))) one will find that it has a relationship with the number of times the root of this word appears in the Qur'aan (in 93 Ayaat) by comparing.
2779 / 298 = 9.3255033556

As soon as one sees the first digits, one can begin to equate 9.3 with 93 (9.3 times 10). What one learns later on as one progresses through Arabic, is that the first three syntagms' of Surah Al-Muddaththir added in pairs produces this same amount of displacement found in Al-Kahf (105 or 110 Ayaat).
Some people may be skeptical about this specially since its from a source that's fountain of acts committed in the name of peace. I was not skeptical- I for one am Muslim - but in order to prove to those still skeptical on these findings, let me show you their relationship with the digits and Surah Al-Muddaththir's letter-clusters.
Now we turn to the Greek lexicon ('Strong's'). The digits after the decimal place in 9.32550 point to a missing part of the Greek lexicon that is range 3203 to 3302 and the fourth part points to Lexicon 3355 (here the last digit (six) is elided). The Greek lexicon's word is metretes.
G3354; a measurer, that is, (specifically) a certain standard measure of capacity for liquids: - firkin. 

The numeric values of the word correspond in sum to 961 (=40+5+300+100+8+300+8+200) and this value corresponds to the first digits of hexa-Ayah Surahs of the Qur'aan. At the same time, the percentage's values can be tied back to Surah Al-Kahf's measurer function and to the Gospel of Barnabas' 155th chapter relatable also to the Pop Wuj and the principle of non-contradiction of Greek philosophers.

Still not convinced? If we take the ordinal values of the word metretes and place these each side-by-side (concatenate), we obtain the last eight digits of the reciprocal of .32256 (elongated form of .32550). The only difference here is that of .00294 parts. This last value can be traced back to the numeric value of the Hebrew word Horef (=winter) and the Arabic word winter (=shitta'i).

There's a saying in Arabic,
Yada al-yumna khairu min al-yada al-yusra.

translated means that the hand that gives is better than the hand that receives. -- Horef's value is 293 and shitta'i's value is 294. You be the judge.

Just received a call from my aunt who lives in Mississipi. It's strange that she never calls at this hour (close to 9:00 a.m.), she talks to my mom giving us an address for a doctor (they my relatives believe I'm mentally sick), again, you be the judge.

Looking at the letter count of the fragmented Ayah in Surah Al-Anfal 30-36 and taking the (next-to-)last Ayah in two syntagms, (35a and 35b) much like the Hebrews organize their Talmud, and comparing the letter count of these Ayah with that of select recurrences of the word 'ajer' (=tomorrow) in hebrew found 87 times in the Hebrew Bible, one finds congruency again with the letter count of paired syntagms of Al-Muddaththir - Greek lexicon even.
All these claims sound outrageous. Sajij call it the arabs (sajij = sound). If one reads Muslim exegete's comments on some of the Ayah of the Qur'aan one will no-doubt having true knowledge based on mathematical equations and letter count find that these commentaries were way-off in their truthfulness. Please feel free to comment.

* mabbul
** Surah Ibraheem, An-Najl, Al-Hijr and Al-Isra' combined into one Surah produce a different percentage altogether
***103 is the index of the displaced Ayah in Surah Al-Kahf in one compendium and 99 is the index in another (6213/6236 Ayaat)


Friday, March 22, 2013

The Islamic - Mayan Resurrection Calendar (IMRC)

The Islamic - Mayan Resurrection Calendar

F.A.Q. Concerning the Islamic - Mayan Resurrection Calendar (referred to hereto as IMRC or MRC)
Q. Is Mayan/Maya the proper name for the Mayan civilization?
A.  No.  The proper name for the Mayas is Atlanteans. The term Maya has been used out of custom. The Maya were, and Allah (s.w.t.) knows best, the lost civilization of Atlantis that the Greek philosopher Plato described in his book The Republic.  The word days in Greek could have been derived from the term Maya (ayma) as the coin haymerah illustrates.
Q. How does de Mayan Resurrection Calendar work and how does it couple with the current calendars that the Maya used.
A:This topic is in itself quite complex so we'll just explain how the Calendar itself works and we'll leave the rest for the reader(s).
There are sections in the IMRC the first section starts with Surah Defrauding (Al-Mutafifin), then Surah The Fig (At-Tin), then  The Cow (Al-Baqara), then Surah The Clot (Al-`Alaq) and finally Surah The Spider (Al-Ankhaboot) in the Qur'an (114 Surahs)'s revelation list.
We take the middle numbers 83 (Al-Mutafifin), 96 (Al-`Alaq), and 2 (Al-Baqara), add and then take the remaining numbers 29 (Al-Ankhaboot) and 95 (At-Teen). This gives the results of 181 and 146 respectively.  146 x 181 = 26426 - - immediately a pattern is formed -  Prime factorization: (2 x 73) x 181.
When we take the next group and perform the adds and multiplications we find the result to be related to Atlantean large cycles of time.  Unfortunatelly, we cannot proceed any further with Surah lists so we take the summation 197 multiplying by 175 (197 x 175) yields 34,475. Then we substract the number of days in the largest Atlantean cycle (34,020) and we obtain (34,475 - 34,020) 455 an astrologically and astronomically significant figure.
Significant in Islamic shorter cycles through the percentages of the 6213 Ayah Qur'an through Lunar eclipses' tetrad-to-octal equivalents (&073360 ÷ 356/357 = 177).  
And also significant in the Mayan history through the differences between astronomical events (rare eclipse patterns in the years 1261 - 1264 CE (1489-1492 AD in evolutionary time)) and historical ones (1714-1717 CE (1942-1945 AD in evolutionary time)) http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/gec-experimental-temporary/iy5pWq8FhG8 .  The difference in years between 1490 AD. EV. and 1945 AD EV. is exactly 455 years.
Q.  How do evolutionary cycles relate to the IMRC?
A: The IMRC is separated into seven periods of days and nights that can be thus translated as thirteen days similar to the structure of Surah Mumtahina in the Qur'an but with the inclusion of a zero. As follows,
Where 'p' = thirds of the period (=time, Cf. 76:1-31) of time (=dahr) in a 'x|time' (Cf. 83: 7-9) and x|time is periods of time in days in week cycle.  Thus by dividing the week into thirds and taking the appropriate measures and observation evolutionary time in the IMRC a week can be properly observe for lithurgical purposes.  Additionally the order of the descent of Surahs of the Qur'an by Sheikh Al-Iman Jaffar Muhammad Ibn Al-Sadiq (S.A.) and the Surah pairs application that is corroborrated by the order of descent of Surahs would verify and confirm these findings among others in the Bible (Cf. Book of Numbers, 1:21-43)

We can find also that the period between 1262 and 1717 AD corresponded to a climatic cycle's Maunder minimum.
Q. These three periods of time, how are they processed mathematically?
A: This process is a bit of a stretch in sophistication, so we'll just skip to the basics. In the Qur'an there's a Surah whose 31st  Ayah letter count matches that of the Tzol'kin two-hundred and sixty day cycle.  When we take the syntagms and sum them on a paired basis we find unique numbers related to a 356 day calendar and an octal system (i.e. that counts from zero to seven) that's also demostrated to exist in the percentage of the last Surah of the Qur'an.   
What's even more impressive is the summations of the three rows in the concatenative and check sums results in the middle group of numbers in the graphic above.
·31 + 32 = 63 ; 2 + 6 + 37 + 34 = 79
·63 + 69 = 132 ; 17 + 52 + 115 + 86 = 270
·95 + 127 = 222 ; 1 + 66 + 161 + 128 = 356
If we add one hundred to the seventy-nine becoming 179, and add with 270 we obtain 449 - whole divisor to the 37,960 day cycle minus 20,000.

·62 + 39 + 77 + 33 + 36 + 17 + 86 + 6 = 356
Q. Are there any Hierographic inscriptions that support the Tzol'kin - Qur'anic calendar?
Yes, David Stuart and Denis Tedlock among others (Stuart, 2002, page 1)[1] have analyzed hieroglyphs of conchshells with "u" shapes around them that can be interpreted as flow lines such as those seen in the graphic below.

[1] 2002 Glyphs for “Right” and “Left”? Mesoweb: www.mesoweb.com/stuart/notes/RightLeft.pdf.
We also have diverse hand shapes that mimick left and right hand positions such as the pattern below (ibid., page 1):
Q. What sort of Archaeological sites tie the Islamic culture with the Atlantean one?

As we see fom the video screengrab above there's a definite relation between the Mayan Calendar and the Surah pairs fragmented Ayah correlations.
 ثلاث الى عشر
سورة زوجين
سورة زوجين
13 | 38
3 |
Additionally, there are archaeological sites situated close enough to the parallel 19.47 that are either aligned to the earth's magnetic north or to, as skeptics put it, to Ley lines.


'Allama Al-Zanjani. The History of Qur'an. http://playandlearn.org/reader.asp?Type=Articles&fn=114 extracted March 22, 2013 (2241 AD)
Sayyid, Husayn. 1992.Qunoot Duas from the Holy Qur'an. PeerMahomet Ibraheem Trust. ISBN 969-27-0002-X

Update: 4/18/2013

IARC/IMRC = dual-"straw" n-sums produce solar "Ethiopic" year.
'straw' seventeen union eighteen:
107 + 110 = 217
217 + 77 = 294 + 93 = 387
since 387 appears as a pair of 'straw' roots, therefore a dual-'straw' concatenation and n-summing method was tested and found coherent.
3|87 + 87|89 + 98|59 = 19035
109|107 + 32|23 = 112330
19035 + 112330 = 131365
thus we divide by 356
= 369.002809
thus we divided by 365
= 359.9041096
taking both results and computing the average follows.
369.002809 + 359.9041096 = 728.906918577... / 2 = 364.453459288...
the 364 solar year used in antiquity appears. But what truly caught my attention and made me want to write about this on the PC was the decimal pattern 45345. Then when the computer's calculator allowed for displaying of more decimals I found that the isolated surah number (#92 - Al-Lail) with two eights (on par) and here's where I figure now that the next isolated Surah is.
So now we switch Surah 88 (Al-Ghashiyah) with twenty-six Ayah with Surah 92 (Al-Lail) with 21 Ayah - this immediately changes the initial n-sum of groups seventeen and eighteen to 391 (a possible reference to the floating point decimal system in the 111 Surah Qur'aan) in the percentages.
This reminds me: have not created a Surah descent diagram for a 111 Surah Qur'aan. - (The subject is a bit controversial).
Its outstanding to mention that the number of Ayah in Surah Al-Ghashiyah is twenty-six and that in a 114 Surah Qur'an Surah Pairs application, this Surah (now) would fall exactly in entry number 25; 26 in the 111 Surah Qur'an Surah Pairs application.
Its pair is Al-Hadeed (#57/114) in the 25th entry while in the 26th entry for the 111 Surah Qur'an Surah Pairs app, this would be Surah Al-Mumtahina (#57/111).
Surah Al-Mumtahina has 13 Ayah whose last two Ayah combine in the OQDS app we just saw (as a pair of 'straws' n-sums).
Lastly, 387 plus 391 almost equal to 780 (389+391) a number interval in days of conjunctions in a 1,886,040 day long count cycle for the planets Earth and Mars.
The difference between this long count cycle and the newly computed 778 conjunction cycle is 168 days. Significant? yes if you look at dual Saros and one metonic groups of 168 (ev.) years ((18.5+18.5+19)^3).
168 decimals plus 250 octals in decimal mode is 418 <= plus 2000 is the number of conjunctions between Earth-Mars in the 1,886,040 day Chatelain[1] cycle.
[1] Chatelain, Maurice. 1975. Our Cosmic Ancestors, Temple Golden Publications. ISBN 0-929686-00-4
Please visit the downloads section of mashiyah.wordpress.com taqleed section for more information.

This section may be updated frequently. Please subscribe for updates.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Noor – rays of light

Two days ago at approximately 9:30 a.m. central time (U.S. and Canada and Central America), I experienced a wonderful scene that I swear by Allah (Subhannah wa ta 'ala) happened.

I took the time to fill in the sum (Greek symbol capital sigma (Σ)) of the number of ayah of each Surah of the Qur'an starting from the rows at the upper part of this graph and finally at the lower extreme's in a clock-wise fashion. Here's an empty, fill in the blanks, printable version of the schematic. Please go ahead and say "la ilaha il Allah" out loud, take a shower starting from your right side of your body (excluding your scalp), and then continuing with your left side. Then shave your moustache, armpits and genitals (without trying) to touch the sensitive areas with your hands - if you get the urge to urinate before going into, or at the shower - do sit down at the toilet and use your left hand and a moist tissue to wipe yourself clean.

Don't ever shave other areas such as your eyebrows, if you are near the Ancient House (Makkah), try to perform umrah by shaving your head and performing kafara (=zakat for eid). If you are too poor then no, problemo. Continue with the next step: remember, it's best to have taken a fast before performing this excercise:

Wudu after shower

It's necessary for all Muslims who've comed to a state of impurity (see scholarly teatrises) or for new Muslims, but believers who say "La illaha il Allah" don't have to do so. Pick a clean carpet, lock the door or turn off your cell and yourself from innate desires and material wants. Take any copy of the Qur'an and fill out the blanks of this form.

Please try to do so while kneeling or sitting with yourself directed face forward to the Kabbah as closely as possible; hint: use Google Earth and draw a line towards Makkah using GE's ruler tool.

Please tell me about your experience (comments are subject to approval); you're welcome to share this form with your friends and colleagues.

Remember: after you finish realize that Surah eighty seven and fifty-five are re-routed and doing so looks something like this (left graph):

The graph on the right wins hands down. Don't think so? Please voice your opinion!

Now onto the miraculous experience

After filling out the per-surah ayah number using an index of the Qur'an I experienced a flashing light show for some unknown reason. It must have been all the,..... well. you'll get the idea when you compare the different numbers and how they correlate to each other on the wider sense of the graphic space. For those who think I'm some Mohawk-hippie in trip-overdose, please consider that Muslims are not allowed drug consumption such as alcohol but all food can be consumed, when in dire-need, in moderation. According to Dr. Syed H. Akhtar,

"Certain food items are prohibited to Muslims. These include pork and all pork products, meat from animals that died of natural causes, that were killed by wild animals etc., and blood from animal sources. Similar to Jewish Law, only designated animals sacrificed in the prescribed manner are permitted to be used for food, and not all body parts are permitted. All forms of intoxicants are prohibited." ({1} used with permission, page. eight)
As we can see, anything that is permissible to go into our systems by Allah, does not make prostrating towards Makkah from Har-Ha-Moriyah or from any direction what so ever an irreverent act. At happens so that to many people this is a big deal yet when faced with the conclusion that the galaxy that we live in is speculated to be one of many trillions of forms in space based on a 1920's observer's speculation {2} – every one accepts it without objection; thus paving the way for belief in aliens from other solar systems and beliefs in a spontaneous universe and life.
"But future astronomers would question these ideas, and advanced technology would help them dispute the theories and come up with more accurate measurements." (ibid.)
The Qur'an states, "God is the one who created the night, the day, the sun, and the moon. Each one is travelling in an orbit with its own motion." (21:33)
According to Dr. Syed Akthar, " Modern scientific knowledge has shown that our galaxy revolves on its own axis. The sun is located eccentrically and thus revolves in an obit around the center of the galaxy. This was not known to man 1400 years ago. The concept of motion of the heavenly bodies with an orbit of their own belongs to modern science. Earlier astronomers regarded the sun as a stationary object."
With the Qur'an as guide the position of the solar system in the galaxy is proposed, thus the name of the should be changed to "Our Galaxy" not to whomever proposed "milky way" as some Mayan cacao derivative.

The Qur'an also states, "Verily in your cattle, there is a lesson for you! We give you a pure milk to drink, excellent for its drinkers; (it comes) from what, inside their bodies, is between digested food and blood." (Translation by Dr. Maurice Bucaille)
This is also fact according to Dr. Akhtar, "The discovery of circulation of blood was made some ten centuries after the Qur'anic revelation". (ibid. page 19)
In respect to human reproduction, the circulation of blood and the whole, the Qur'an states, "then out of a morsel of flesh, partly formed and partly unformed." (22:5) and "He makes you in the womb of your mother in stages, one after another in three veils of darkness." (39:8)
Dr. Akhthar, a cardiologist by profession states, "The three veils of darkness or layers have been identified by biologists as (1) Abdominal wall, (2) Uterine wall, and (3) Amniochorionic membrane (a sac filled with fluid in which the fetus floats).
We had correspondence with Dr. Akhtar and commenting on human embryo development encoded in the Qur'an he stated "salaam. I saw the graphics. It is mysteriously attractive, but beyond my understanding. In a week or two I will bring the books to IABA for an opening ceremony. They will be offered for only $10.00 a book and 20% of sale proceeds will be donated to IABA."

His book titled, "What is True Success?" takes the accomplishments of Ali Ibn Ali Talib (peace of Allah) and outlines them from his book "Nahjul-Balagha" ( بلاغه نهج) written in the first century AH.
I'd like leave the reader/listener with the following quote from the Qur'an,
"He made his progeny from a quintessence of a fluid despised." Ar-Rum, eight.

{1} Akhtar, Syed. 2006. Islam a concise overview presented in a simple language. Islamic Ahlul Bayt Association. First edition.

{2} Milky Way Galaxy. 2011. Howstuffworks.com extracted on September 9, 2011 http://science.howstuffworks.com/milky-way1.htm
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